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Material : SiC with steel inner tube.

Application : Aluminium & Brass.

Temperature Shock :  The high Graphite and Silicon Carbide content (circa 90%) give the thermocouple protection tubes very high thermal shock resistance which allows repeated immersion into the moltens without risk of cracking

Max. Temperature : Up to 1400 °C

Safety and Best Practice : Should never be immersed in molten metals unless they have been previously dried at above 100º C to remove any water that may have been accidentally spilled on them.  This is also applicable to other fluids such as oil, suspending liquids for wash coatings etc.  In the latter case the tubes must be heated to a temperature sufficient to remove them.  It is considered best practice to keep the thermocouples in a warm dry storage area.

Our SiC tubes do NOT require additional coating.