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Pressure Transmitters

NOVUS NP640 series relative pressure transmitters are configurable and can be calibrated in the field.

They offer a wide range of pressure ranges. This family has the ability to adjust the range of pressure transmission up to 1/3 of full scale, and allows adjusting the factory calibration directly or in the lab. The range setting and the factory calibration setting are performed using the TxConfig-DIN43650 configuration application.

Seeking to meet the demands of a high-tech market, NP640 is the best-performing configurable relative pressure transmitter for sophisticated, high-accuracy applications.  

With a customizable reading range, it goes from 0 to 400 bar with an accuracy of +- 0.25 FS due to the sensor element, which is oil bathed. Its wide market acceptance and stable supply chain puts the NP640 in a special position within the NP family, since it is compatible with various materials in the application as well as in economy. 

It can be applied in pressurized lines to process food and beverages, to monitor water for cooling in compressed air networks, to check the efficiency of booster pumps, and more. 

– Process connection: external thread ¼ NPT, ½ NPT, ½ BSP or ¼ G
– Rangeability of the measurement: 3: 1
– Environmental conditions: -20 to 70 °C
– Materials in contact with the medium: 316L stainless steel
– Output: 4-20 mA 2-wire
– Electrical connection: DIN 43650 (EN 175301-803)
– Overpressure: 2 times the nominal pressure
– Dynamic response: <30 ms
– Power supply: 11-33 Vdc
– Relative pressure ranges available:
  0,1 MPa (1 bar)
  0,4 MPa (4 bar)
  1 MPa (10 bar)
  2 MPa (20 bar)
  4 MPa (40 bar)
  10 MPa (100 bar)
– Accuracy, including hysteresis, linearity and repeatability: 0.25 % full scale (1.0 % for the 100 bar model)
– Dimensions:
  ¼ NPT: Ø 27 x 88 mm

  ¼ G: Ø 27 x 89,4 mm
  ½ NPT: Ø 27 x 92,5 mm
  ½ BSP: Ø 27 x 86,5 mm

Pressure Transmitters Manual