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Coil Heater

Coil Heaters are made of coiled cable heater.

Coil Heater is a special tubular heater which has small diameter and high performance.

Generally, there are three kind of cross-sections for this heater: rectangular, square and round.

Commonly, the heaters are fully annealed and they can accommodate J-type and K-type thermocouple. The sensors can be installed internally at the end or the middle of a coil heater.

The heating core is solid nickel chrome wire (or others) and the sheath material for coil heater is stainless INCONEL.

The heating core is sealed from contamination and the stainless steel is corrosion-resistant. Due to the unique construction, they are robust and low maintenance cost.

It can provide very high watt density up to 40 W/in2 and can attain a surface temperature up to 1500 F.

It is the ideal heater to concentrate a large amount of heat into very limited space.


– Wide contact surface to allow perfect heat transmission between heater and surface to be heated

– Optimal electrical insulation and extremely long life

– Sturdy construction resisting to mechanical shocks

– High working temperatures (up to 750°C)

– Built Thermocouple for high precision thermal control (J – standard , K – upon request)

– Minimal thermal inertia

– Possibility to be coiled / bended also in very complex shapes.

– Possibility to be incorporated in brass cast elements.

– Eight different cross sections to best fit with every application.

– Large range of standard sizes available from Stock.