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DELTA THERM has been developed for continuous flue gas analysis in cement kiln inlet chambers and in other

extremely dusty high temperature applications.

Increasing the efficiency of pyro-processes and ecological sustainability are global requirements and can be

achieved with DELTA THERM.

gas sampling probes are designed for the kind of

extreme conditions found in rotary kilns: temperatures of up

to 1400 ░C, dust concentrations up to 2000 g/m│, highly

aggressive, corrosive gases and sticky raw meal.


DELTA THERM gas sampling probes are designed for the kind of extreme conditions found in rotary kilns: temperatures of up to 1400 °C, dust concentrations up to 2000 g/m³, highly aggressive, corrosive gases and sticky  raw meal.

DELTA THERM is correspondingly heavy-duty and features a rotating, water-cooled probe that automatically cleans itself of build-up in cyclic intervals. To measure beyond the kiln seal and to avoid false air measurements, the DELTA THERM probe can extend up to 3350 mm into the process. Due to the high quality material and design of the probe, it can withstand the harsh conditions in the kiln inlet chamber.

As alternative fuels (RDF) are increasingly being used in cement kilns, controlling the main kiln burner has become ever more difficult. In addition, due to increasingly stringent emission abatement limits for gases such as nitrogen oxides, SNCR spraying systems are becoming indispensable. This potentially presents additional challenges such as ammonia slip and being able to reduce NOx  emissions below limits set by the relevant environmental agencies.

Ensuring a low NOx combustion while keeping the production of CO low can be achieved using the DELTA THERM probe system.

DELTA THERM can be operated with 95 % of availability of process measurements, ensuring continuous emission measurements and efficient combustion control.

DELTA THERM has continually received design and constructional upgrades, such as to its highly efficient cooling system and to its technically superior self-cleaning and self-monitoring systems.

World-beating performance when it comes to reliability.


High Temperature Furnace Monitoring System our high-temperature Furnace monitoring systems provide plant engineers and operators in the control room with views of burner flames, material alignment and movement, and other process conditions in furnace, kiln, heating stove or other combustion chamber. We use special color camera above 480 lines, pinhole lens and stainless steel camera housing with water and air cooling system, enabling the system working in high temperature environment.


The system has auto-retraction and auto insertion function. The camera will exit out of the furnace, when the temperature of the inner camera housing is higher than the setting value or the pressure of compressed air & flow of water is lower than the setting value or the power failures.


Applications :-

Cement Kiln and Cooler.

Glass Furnace.

Metal Reheat Furnace.

Power Boiler.