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Aluminium Thermocouples

There are a number of specialist thermocouples that we supply to the aluminium industry. Whether it be pyrolysis of scrap, remelting or casting we can manufacture thermocouples to suit. Some of the aluminium thermocouples we can manufacture include :-

  • Aluminium Remelt Sensors

  • Cast Iron Thermocouples

  • Syalon Thermocouples

  • Slab Thermocouples

  • Furnace Roof Thermocouples

  • Carbon / Anode Bake Thermocouples

We can replicate thermocouples from drawings or broken probes, or even improve existing designs. This can be to keep your existing plant operating or to supply new requirements.

The thickness of the silicon carbide protection tube high temp  thermocouple protection tube is generally 10 mm. It is directly usedfor theouter protection tube of thermocouple, which can extend the life of thermocouple. The galvanic protection tube of other materials is easy to deform, while the silicon carbide protection tube is small. It has a longer service life and is mainly used as a thermocouple protection tube for temperature measurement in industrial kilns, especially in metal solutions such as zinc and aluminum. high temp silicon nitride thermocouple protection tube Selection instructions

  1. The choice of the length of the protective tube :-

The insertion depth in the furnace + thethicknessof the furnace wall + the part left outside the furnace.

  1. When a protective tube is added to the thermocouple used for hoisting, it is recommended to fix the part of the silicon carbide protective tube outside the furnace with a clip.

  2. When installing the silicon carbide protective tube and the electric couple, it shouldbeslowlyinserted into the furnace at the same time, and it can be used without preheating.


Silicon Nitride Ceramic Thermocouple Protection Tube

Thermocouple Protection Tube Description

DELTA THERM manufacture a series of silicon nitride ceramic thermocouple protection tube for use in the aluminium industries. Ceramic protection tube offer outstanding performance for temperature control in aluminum foundry and smelters. Compared to silicon carbide and alumina, silicon nitride ceramic protection tube has a long life of more than 12 months.

With high strength, toughness, excellent thermal shock resistance and resistance to corrosion, silicon nitride ceramic thermocouple protection tube are well-known for their outstanding performance in contact with non-ferrous molten metals, especially aluminum and zinc. silicon nitride ceramic is also non-wetting to most non-ferrous alloys, making it resistant to build up of dross and very low maintenance.

We provide both standard and customize ceramic protection tube.

What’s more, we also supply a rang of thermocouple types, such as K type thermocouple. A complete set of thermocouple with ceramic protection tube can save your much more assembling time.