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Silicone Rubber Oil Drum Heater Blanket is a vital component in many industrial applications that involve heating viscous liquids like oil or chemicals. These heating blankets are made from high-quality silicone rubber, which is a flexible and durable material that can withstand high temperatures and is resistant to harsh chemicals. The silicone rubber material is designed to wrap around the exterior of the oil drum, providing an even distribution of heat throughout the liquid inside. The heating element of the blanket is typically composed of evenly spaced heating wires or elements that are embedded within the silicone rubber material. The heating elements are connected to a power source, which provides the electrical energy necessary to generate heat.

Drum Band Heater

  • The outstanding performance of drum band heater is based on its special construction and processing procedure.

  • It consists of many layers of silicone rubber sheets which are reinforced by fiberglass.

  • These silicone rubber sheets are bonded together by heat and pressure.

  • The electrical wire web or etched foil element is embedded within layers of silicone rubber sheets.

  • These silicone rubber sheets will be vulcanized to become more strong and flexible.

  • After all these processing procedure, the silicone drum heater is able to withstand industrial usage and resistant to most chemicals and moisture.

  • The silicone rubber drum heater with etched heating foil is recommended for high watt density usage.

  • Compared with electrical heating wire, the etched heating foil has a larger surface and shorter distance.

  • These features result in a higher heat transfer coefficient and more homogeneous heat distribution.


  • Rugged, simple and efficient

  • Constructed with wire-wound or etched foil elements

  • Flexible and Bendable to any surface and angles

  • Radiation resistant

  • High watt densities possible

  • Flame retardant and no-toxic

Application :-

  • Drum heating.

  • Freeze protection.

  • Condensation prevention.

  • Packing machine.

  • Preheat molds for carbon fiber.

  • Temperature maintenance.

Technical Data

  • Working Voltage : 24V~250V AC/DC.

  • Operating temperature : -50~500 C.

  • Lead wire : Teflon (or others).

  • Thickness : 1~5mm (other thickness available).

  • Watt density : up to 80W/in2

  • Sensors : Thermocouples, RTD, Thermistors, Thermostats

  • Dielectric strength : 12 kV/mm

Drum heater