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This unit consist of optics, Temperature sensor signal amplifier, processing circuit and LCD display. The optics collected the infrared energy emitted by object and focus onto the sensor. Then the sensor translates the energy into an electricity signal. This signal will be returned out to be digital shown on the LCD after the signal amplifier and processing circuit. This infrared thermometer is use for measuring the temperature of the object’s surface, which is applicable for various hot, hazardous or hard-toreach objects without contact safely and quickly.

1. HD color screen display.
2. Memory storage up to 30 data.
3. Wide Temperature range: -50 ~950° C (-58 ~ 1742° F).
4. D: S = 12: 1, maximum distance from the target object.
5. Highly accurate and reliable.
6. Adjustable Emissivity from 0.10 ~ 1.00 (Preset at 0.95).
7. Spectral Response from 8~14µ M
8. Easy to read Large screen display.
9. 4 levels Battery Power Indication.
10. Auto Power Off when idle.
11. Data Hold Function.
12. Access surface temperature in 1 second.
13. Easy switch to ° C or ° F.
14. Maximum (MAX), Minimum (MIN), Average (AVG) and Difference (DIF) temperature functions.
15. Adjustable High / Low Temperature Alarm.
16. Fast response time (0.5 seconds), highly accurate and reliable.
17.Measure hazardous or inaccessible objects (high-voltage parts).
18. Pre-Calibrated in Factory.
19. Ergonomically shaped hand grip.
20.Laser Target Pointer ON/OFF selection.
21.Backlight ON/OFF selection.
22. With CE marking, meets EU safety, health and environmental requirements.