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Stainless Steel 446 is a ferritic, heat resisting, stainless chromium steel, characterized by extremely good resistance to reducing sulphurous gases, very good resistance to oxidation in air, good resistance to oil-ash corrosion, good resistance to molten copper, lead and tin. This steel can be used at temperatures up to 1100 °C (2010 °F).

However, allowance should be made for the low creep strength at the highest temperatures in order to avoid distortion due to the mass of the steel.


Stainless Steel 446 has various applications and can be used to prepare Neutral salt pot electrodes, Remuneration, Spouts for conveying molten copper alloys, Oil burner parts, Combustion chambers, Furnace and kiln linings, Stack dampers, Boiler baffles, Glass molds and Soot blowers, Boiler tubes, preheaters and heat exchangers, Cement kilns, Waste heat boilers, Molten lead, Salt baths, Heat treating, Incinerators.