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GD-Type SiC Heating

  • Description

Our SiC heating elements adopt special technics and can save you energy. General speaking, our SiC heating elements have the following characters: low resistance at both end, can general high temperature, with long service life, save you 10% energy compare with others SiC heating elements. the rated power of the area of hot zone:1500℃

The ways of mark the dimension:GD OD/OL/HZ/CZ

OD= Outer diameter OL= Overall length HZ= Hot zone length CZ= Cold end length

When you place order, please tell us following data:

  • a.Outer diameter (OD)
  • b.Length of Hot zone (HZ)
  • c.Length of Overall (OL)
  • d.Resistance (at 1050℃ +/-50℃)