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Kapton insulated

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Kapton® insulated, twisted or flat conductors cables
Thermocouple, extension, compensating quality or RTD cables
Kapton working temperature: -200°C to +400°C
Polyimide working temperature: -200°C to +300°C
Insulation resistance: >20 Mohm x km (measured at 1000 Volt dc – at 20°C)

Reference Standards

  • IEC 584 parte 1,2,3
  • DIN 43710 – DIN 43714
  • ASTM E230 (ANSI MC96.1-1982)


  • Solid or stranded conductors
  • Insulation: kapton® tape
  • Core laying – up: flat or twisted twin
  • Outer jacket: kapton® tape
  • Note: conductor and jacket identification
  • Cable end – form cross section: round or flat cable
  • Standard packing: drums, spools, coils