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Hi-Temp. Super Sealing Cartridge Heaters

ULTRAMAX SC 400, a cartridge with total waterproof sealing, compatible with high temperatures.
The magnesium oxide in the core of all high-power density cartridge heaters is an excellent electrical insulator and a good heat conductor. However, it has a high hygroscopic characteristic, therefore heaters that are not “turned on” and are in a humid environment tend to lower their level of insulation, which sometimes can cause safety devices to intervene at start-up. In the worst cases the heaters might get irreversibly damaged by short circuit.

If the temperature of the heater’s head does not exceed 260°C, the head sealing can be made in resins or silicone, but for higher temperatures or higher safety ratios, other solutions are required.
Ultramax cartridges can be used instead of Supermax cartridges.

Rotfil found and patented the solution to this problem: SC 400 is a totally watertight sealant, irreversible, resistant to high pressures and continuous high temperatures of up to 400 °C.

It does not change its structure or characteristics in the years, it is resistant to water, acids, air pollution, and does not char.
SC 400 is an inorganic compound that is fused into the heater’s head in a controlled-cycle process, thus forming a cohesive seal adherent to the metal surfaces at molecular level. It totally protects all internal components from pollution and oxidation, increasing the life of the heater.

The use of ULTRAMAX SC 400 cartridges is indispensable every time you need a high safety level and high reliability. Typical application fields include medical and surgical equipment, aerospace, nuclear-energy, military.