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Braided shielded stainless steel inner glassfibre insulated cables

  • Working temperature:
  • Type: E 400°C
  • Type: R/S 650°C HT
  • Type: Quartz 900° C
  • High temperature resistance
  • Not combustible
  • Flexible material

Cables insulated in glassfibre show excellent resistance at high temperatures, good di-electrical characteristics, good flexibility; good resistance to chemical agents; they are not combustible. Glassfibre is commonly used in applications at high temperatures, frequently to insulate cables in order to increase the working time in case of fire or occasional temperature peaks. Despite treatments of impregnation with varnishes or liquid silicone rubber, glassfibre insulated cables (braided or lapped) aren’t suitable for applications which involve steam and/or oil use. Tin-plated copper, stainless or galvanised steel outer armour improves glassfibre insulated cables mechanical properties and abrasion resistance. Glassfibre insulated cables type R/S can be used at temperatures up to 650 °C according to the kind of application. For further information about R/S cables please contact our Customer Service.